About the week of September 17 - 23:
I took a 7 month sabbatical after my mom's passing but am getting back on track in my personal life, and online.  Thank you for stopping by as I move back in!

George Quaintance,   June 3, 1902 – November 8, 1957 truly was an artist ahead of his time.   A flamboyant child, he made his mark as a gay artist during a time most of us would have shunned.  Painting, dance and sculpture were his mediums...View his paintings  and see why George Quaintance is OUR Artist of the Week!

OUR History is brand new this month!  Check it out and see what landmark events occured throughout September!

OUR Civil Rights, features a collection of photographs depicting gay rights marches and protests through the years presented in a slide show format  The pictures this week are of the Gay Rights March in Albany New York in 1971.

If you know of someone who lost their life simply for being gay, please send an email to lifeandtimesofagayguy@yahoo.com  and I'll get it posted.   Include all the info you can including a photo if possible.

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