Friday, August 31, 2012


Thank GOD the RNC is over.....I'm still frustrated and infuriated that people buy this man's bullhocky.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time Travel Thursday

Recently I saw some of these vintage photos on Buzzfeed and decided to check out the comments.  Most scoffed at the idea there was anything 'gay' about the men in the pictures, and explained that men were just 'more confident' or more (hetero) affectionate in that time.   Well that might be true, but as any gay man will tell you....'gaydar' often clues us in to signals our straight counterparts don't often see.    A look, a well placed hand, lack of space, intimate posing...are just some of the clues or signals we've looked at for know back when you had to really hide or perhaps die.   Will we ever know for sure if they were gay or straight?  Of course not...but I'll bet on my gaydar over any straighty's scoffing any day of the week.  Wouldn't you?

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Trick, Then & Now

One of the very first movies my partner and I bonded over was Trick. Yes it came from a more innocent time (1999 to be exact), but it still stands up today (if you overlook the dot matrix printer, the Twin Towers, and a glaring lack of cell phones). Since iTunes fiiiinnnalllly added it, I've watched it twice. Tonight was the second time and I was singing "Como Te Gusta Mi Penga" right along with Steve Hayes loud, campy and proud!
I loved everything about Trick.  
Gabriel and Mark were hot and wonderful, Tori Spelling won me over in a big BIG way with her performance, and Steve Hayes was (and is) simply adorable. 

The cast has aged pretty darn well as you can see from the then and now pictures.   Christian Campbell (Gabriel), has been busy with recent TV and movie projects as has John Paul Pintoc (Mark).  Tori Spelling has a new show on TLC called "Craft Wars" and she has had several children.  To tell the truth, I'm actually pissed at Tori.  She was so AMAZING in this movie, literally kicking 'Donna' from 90210 into the dust and transcending her pesky 'Daddy's Girl' image....but we didn't see anymore quality indie stuff from her --color me VASTLY disappointed.  I thought she was poised to make some really fun, quality movies...sigh.  My favorite scene and dialog of hers is when she was freaking out in the Diner. "Where is the goddamn fucking cheese on these fries!!!??"
You can however watch Steve Hayes  do his shtick in "Tired Old Queen At the Movies" and he's just as hilarious as he was back in 1999!
My other major favorite character was Miss Coco Peru

"You know what happens when you get cum in your eye Gabriel???? It BURRRRRNNNNSS!"

If you haven't seen Trick, you owe it to yourself to revisit this gem of a gay movie.  You won't be disappointed, and if you're at all like'll wish you were in your 20s all over again!
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's Called Ack-a-pella...Bitches

For the first time, in a LONG time I'm excited to see a movie!  I just hope they didn't use all the good lines in this trailer!

"I have a feeling, we should kiss"

"I sometimes get a feeling I could use crystal meth....but then I think, mmmmm better not"
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Monday, August 27, 2012

OUR Artist of the Week: Austin Young

Austin Young came into the world on April 14th, 1966 and grew up in Reno Nevada --a city and state he is immensly fond of to this day. His family were Ranchers and engineers with ties to the region reaching back to the 1800s.

Like most of us, Austin Young felt he didn't fit in while growing up. 

Describing himself as "terribly shy", during his teenage years, he was a self described social outcast who endured teasing and taunts of "Faggot, queer and homo".  Because of that daily abuse,  Austin felt Junior High and High School were unsafe environments for him.  He remembers "--one day deciding that if people were going to call me a freak, I might as well be one.

And an artist was born. 

Pop Culture, was his saving grace and inspired his creative endeavors.  Young has been documenting pop, sub, and trans culture since 1985 through portraiture. *"A portrait is a representation of an individual; it’s intent: to capture the essence of the sitter."

His short videos have over 5 million hits on YouTube. He is one third of the collaborative art group, Fallen Fruit.

Young’s portraits have been featured in major publications such as Interview magazine, OK, and Flaunt. His work has been the subject solo exhibitions and projects at Pop tArt Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), Machine Project (Los Angeles, CA), Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, CA), Berkeley Art Museum (Berkley, California); and as well as groups shows at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (Los Angeles, CA) among many others.  *wikipedia.

It is easy to note that his work is visually striking, entertaining and pleasing to the eye.  It combines traditional and off-beat beauty with emotion and intimacy that connects to the viewer in a profound contemporary way.

Meet the Artist here:

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Dinner

I kind of took this weekend off as far as the blog goes.   My mom's half brother, who I located after 42 years while doing the whole family history thing, came to visit this weekend so my mom wanted a picnic.   She's 81, in really poor health and when she wants to throw a picnic, what she's really saying is "Geoff will do all the work and I'll take all the credit".  Fine.  
So in addition to helping entertain my uncle and his wife (which was a joy, they are really cool people) I also invited the nearby relatives and cooked the whole meal for about 20 ppl.  Well, I cooked everything but the chicken.... THAT I ordered from a store.
  • The meal consisted of fried chicken. 
  • 10lbs worth of potatos for the potato salad.
  • Fruit salad consisting of Honeydew, Watermelon and Cantalop.
  • 45 deviled eggs
  • 45 Jalapeno Poppers (made from scratch baby!)
  • 2 huge trays of veggies and dip
  • Sun Tea
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Pop
  • Coffee
There was puh-lenty of food.  
Highlights of the meal:
The ONE job I gave my sister was to pick up the fucking chicken, which she did.  An hour and a half LATE.   People were hungry damnit.
My uncle and his wife seemed to have a great time, and then I heard him say "I only watch FOX news".  Ugh.
My oldest brother brought his Seventh Day Adventist craziness to the meal and he and his wife also brought and ate their own food, talked government conspiracies and how they hate Obama.
My other uncle called at the last minute to say he and his daughter weren't coming.  No loss.  He's a loser and I can't stand his kid (who's an adult now).
My Niece, her family and another cousin didn't show. 
Everyone came early so I didn't even get to change and I 'needed' to change.
And that's how it went.   Everyone said they had a good time.
Family.  Can't wait to leave them behind.

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Friday, August 24, 2012


Words to start your friday off:

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Currently Crushing

...on Darren Criss.   I don't care if this makes me an old Troll.  This boy is fuhkking fine in every sense of the word!    I hope to heck they are going to release a full version of his cover of Madonna's Dress You Up!   I'm like a freaking school girl with this guy!  (Of course I love my partner without end)

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Time Travel Thursday

Thursdays are my favorite day of the week on the blog.  I've been collecting these photos for a long time, and many are from the web, some others I've had since I was in school.  I always try and keep a lookout for them when I'm shopping because there's something innocent and romantic about these photos wherever they come from.  Personally I look for the nuance in the photograph.  A well placed hand, a knowing gaze, a lack of personal space between the two men.....that's the treasure hunt, for me at least.  
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Lesson In Judging

It was 1975, I think.  My parents had just reconciled after a painful separation,  and we had found a little house on VanBuren street in a brand new town. 

Our next door neighbor was Mrs. Winterholler, and she was an incredibly nice person.  She was a widow, and very independant.   She had brokered the friendship between her grandchildren Lisa and Sean with my sister and I, and we were thrilled each time they visited from the far away city of Seattle.

One summer day, shortly after moving in, we were working in the flower garden in the front yard with my dad, and Mrs Winterholler’s  son Mike, pull up in his car.  Before going inside his house, he came over to the fence  with a big smile on his face, said “Hi”, and shook my dad's hand.  Sherri and I had met him before, but it was my father’s first time.   They chatted for a minute and everything felt….easy, and friendly.  

As soon as he disappeared however, I clearly remember my dad turning to us with a scowl on his face.  “Stay away from that Hippie” he said.   I was confused .  Why did I have to stay away from Mike?  He was a nice guy!  He had cool clothes and long brown hair that he sometimes wore in a ponytail.  Besides, he was super friendly... long hair or no.   (The truth is, his hair wasn't really 'that' long, it only came down to his shoulders.  But to my dad that was a symbol of everything that was wrong with the world at that time). 

This was just before Mikes impending wedding to a girl named Cyndy.  The reception was to take place at his mother's house and Lisa and Sean told us there were going to be a lot of people.  When we found an invitation in our mailbox for their reception, my sister and I were beyond excited!  My dad refused to go of course, but my mom...probably not wanting to be a rude neighbor,  said she would take us. 

That night we were dressed in our sunday best and walked next door.  It was so exciting!   Lisa and Sean had been right, there were all sorts of people, and  I remember Mrs Winterholler giving us a tour of her house.   Surrounding an open doorway, someone had painted a vine with beautiful leaves.    My sister and I ooohed and ahhhed over how cool it was.  Mrs Winterholler explained that Mike had painted it when he was in high school, and my mother warned me 'not to get any ideas' which made everyone laugh. 

We heard cheering in the front room when Mike and Cindy arrived.  They looked amazing to my eight year old eyes.   Mike was handsome in his suit (I think it was blue), and Cindy was flower child perfection with her vibrant orange hair that was really, really long.  Her dress had an empire waist, and as I recall,  she had flowers in her hair.   

I thought they were glamorous.  We stayed long enough to have some cake and then went home. 

Years passed, we moved to another house in another neighborhood and life went on.  

The next time I saw Mike and Cindy was at Sean's funeral.    

Fifteen years later, I’m friends with him on Facebook.     

I can’t think of Mike without thinking about my dad.  That “hippie” he was so judgmental about, raised a family, finished college and has taught acting for decades now.    Mike has always been an object lesson for me about judging other people.   I remember my father’s prejudice and I think of how amazing a person Mike was, and is today.    

Sadly, he and Cyndy are now separated, their marriage a casualty of time I guess.  But to me I will always remember them both through the lens of my youth…as that pony tailed hippie with his shockingly red-haired wife at their wedding reception.   A happy, glamorous couple from 1975.

Note:  The picture in this post is not of Mike & Cyndy.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sad Farewell

RIP Phyllis, say hello to 'fang' for all of us.

Phyllis Diller

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Monday, August 20, 2012

OUR Artist of the Week: Mark Bradford

When you're a 6'8” black man living in LA, and working in your mother's Hair Salon, you might think a career as an artist would be the furthest thing from your mind --unless you're Mark Bradford that is.
In interviews he describes his upbringing as working-class, and even though his family was dynamic and creative,  the number one priority was making a living.  So in his words, “Being an artist was really a class thing, and not a conversation had in his house”.
But when someone has the heart of an artist... that passion can, and often does, chart a different course.
Mark Bradford was born in 1961 in Los Angeles, California.  At the age of 30 he enrolled at the California Institute of the Arts in 1991 where he earned an MFA in 1997 and a BFA in 1995.

Bradford describes his work as “paintings”, but there is much more to them than mere paint on a canvas.   Specifically they are collages of found material which he then paints.   The 'found material' he uses are usually called merchant posters, advertising DNA testing, deliveries of propane to FEMA trailers and posters soliciting pawn stores and the like.   He only collects posters from the street that represent self-run businesses that are about fringe economies,  and he's said he is “fascinated by things that fall between the cracks of the middle-class.”  His work is big, bold, and impactful.
According to one interview,  “He uses abstraction to interpret race relations, socioeconomic tensions and gender stereotypes from his perspective as a black, gay man living and working in South Central LA.
Uncomfortable in crowds all his life because of his height, he also possesses an innate sense of confidence creating his art.

In addition to critical acclaim, Mark Bradford has won the Nancy Graves Foundation Grant in 2002, the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award in 2003, the Bucksbaum Award in 2006, and most recently was a 2009 recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship  Award.  

Check out this video featuring an interview and work of Mark Bradford:

He is an amazing talent and a gay artist we should all be proud of.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Killa Bees

Just some Sunday fun.  'read more' for the full pic!

You just KNOW they had a bee-utiful time coming up w/these costumes!
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Citrusy Kind Of Mood

Lately I've been in kind of a citrusy mood.  You know....tart, acidic...a little bit of a 'bite'.   So when I saw this on facebook, I knew I was going to make it today.  

Here's how to make a wonderful organic, refreshing citrus drink in minutes!
  • 1 orange
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • Cherries
  • Some Mint Leaves
Cut each of the above into 1/4 slices and remove seeds. Using a Mason or Ice Tea Jar, add the above and slightly crush them using the end of a utensil but do not pulverize.
I think if I was having a summer party I might throw in some vodka, but that's really just a daydream because I don't drink and I'm definitely not having a summer party so ignore this tangent.  Still, it would be delish don't you think?
Anyhoooo......add ice and fill container, then fill with fresh water and let stand for a few hours in the fridge, enjoy!!

If you add the juice to ice trays, you can make some wonderful ice cubes to go with your drinks and smoothies.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Julia Child Remixed & Autotuned!

PBS has come up with what is, in my opinion, the most Brilliant campaign ever --and yes that capital 'B' on Brilliant was intentional.  PBS enlisted the talent of  Symphony of Science's John D. Boswell for PBS Digital Studios to remix some cherished icons and autotune them to creat a's amazing and wonderful and inspiring.   The first release was Mister Rogers, then the Happy Painter Bob Ross and now Julia Child.   The artistic skill and attention paid to these deceased stars is both touching and appreciated.  The fact that the final results are wonderful is a given.  I was so touched by the Mister Rogers remix when it came out I literally teared up.  In fact have them on my iPod!
PBS is thinking outside the box with this campaign and it is exciting, even moreso since we're living in a time when the Republicans want to do away with PBS.   Times are tough, but IF you can...please make a donation to support Public Television

(Do it for Mister Rogers, Bob Ross and Julia Child!)
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Don't Walk....

I need to dance again...and the thing is, I don't even remember when I stopped. 

I have several dance memories that come to mind.
  • Convincing my younger sister to be my dance partner and re enacting Saturday Night Fever when I was in 3rd grade.

  • Browbeating my mom to buy the Grease Soundtrack at Kmart and dancing my heart out the first chance I got.  

  • Dancing to the new record by Culture Club I had just purchased, having a great time only to see my Grandparents walk in the back door.  (Did I mention they were my father's parents who we saw maybe once a year?  Did I also mention they were bigtime Jehovah's Witnesses?  --now you understand)

  • My mom teaching me how to waltz when I was in Junior High.

  • Dancing in the living room when I thought I had the house to myself, only to find out my dad had come home for lunch and watched me from the driveway. 

  • First time in a club before coming out, I was dancing with a beautiful blond girl...busting some cool moves and she puts her hand on my shoulder and tells me to "be careful", I'm going to hurt myself.  

  • Dancing in the New Year with the first love of my life.....

Doing the math in my head, I now realize it's been 9 years since I've danced, and that makes me incredibly sad.   I think I'll have to fix that tomorrow....after I pull the curtains closed!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

RIP Ron Palillo

"Oah! Oah! Oah! Mis-tehr Kah-Terh!"   I'll never forget his voice, or his one of a kind laugh.  Even as a tender-hearted second grader at Lincoln Elementary in Twin Falls Idaho, I identified with Arnold Horshack.  
Welcome Back Kotter was my most favorite show in the whole world, even spawning my first fan letter, though not to Horshack.   Still, I am surprised at how saddened I am at the passing of a boyhood star from so many years ago. 
Born April 2, 1949 in Conn., Palillo is survived by his partner of 41 years, Joseph Gramm, a retired actor.  According to Sacco, no cause of death has been determined but he said Palillo had not been ill or in the hospital.   Ron Palillo was a Connecticut native who lived in New York for about 40 years before he began teaching.

I didn't know he was gay...isn't that insane? 

Palillo taught acting for film and camera at G Star Academy which caters to young kids wanting to break into show business.  By all accounts he was a beloved instructor and is mourned by his students and coworkers.
Not too long ago we lost Epstein...and now Horshack.

RIP Ron Palillo
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Can't a Girl Catch a Break??

Kristin Chenoweth is awesome in every regard.  That's not just my opinion, it's an empirical law of the universe.   She's an amazing singer, actress and she loves the gays, she's all around fabulous.  But then you already knew that, right?  

So starting my tuesday morning with the news that La Chen is pulling out of her stint on "The Good Wife" was not the best way to begin my day.   I fell in love with Kristin when she was on Broadway in Wicked.  Then there was her christmas album, her guesting on GLEE, her new show GCB --which was unfairly canceld, and now the whole "The Good Wife" debacle.

If you didn't know,  on july 12th, Kristin was filming on TGW and a gust of wind toppled some lighting.  She was knocked to the ground, and hit her head on the concrete.  Scary right?  And given the fact she's only 4'11" and weighs like 22 pounds(jk)...she's a fragile thing, so that could have been truly devastating and we're lucky to have her around.

Anyhow, it was expected she'd have to heal...but today the sad news broke that she had to pull out from her commitment to the show.    I was really looking forward to seeing her on the Good Wife, but I guess I understand.   I just want to see more of her!  

Can't a girl catch a break?  
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How Kitchy, How Cool Part Deux!

I like to visit thrift stores.  There I said it.   Now I know it may not be your thing (my partner detests it), but I love it!  I don't buy junk, or clutter...I look for the really cool finds.  For instance I bought a singer hand held sewing machine from the 1970s and it still works!
  I can hear you laughing, but I'll have the last laugh when I have to mend a hem that's come undone at the worst possible moment, just you wait and see.  I've found many cool things actually, including silver candlesticks...and I mean real silver with the hallmark and everything.   Pottery from the 1920s through the 40s which is just awesome and plenty more spectacular finds.    In case you're wondering, I don't troll the thrift stores. I'll just stop in every once in a while and I'm blessed with a good eye for finding legit treasures which happens all the time, such as the late 1800s small hump camel back trunk which I bought for 26 dollars and restored.  

My most recent find hit a little close to home however.   

I found this:
A pristine hardback copy all the way back from 1977.  I HAD to buy it, because it's gay history baby! 

Reading it however was a little bit of a challenge.   It's 156 pages of Anita detailing her fight to save our nations families from the threat of militant homosexuality.  Well the truth is it's about 30% of that description and the other 70% is  just scripture and prayer.   It's extremely nauseating but it has loads of photos detailing her exploits and "persecution", that are absolutely cool.  

The saddest thing I came away with after reading Anita's "story" however, was how much things haven't really changed.  Of course we've advanced light years in some respects, but we're also still battling the same old tired bigots just like Anita Bryant and her crew from the 1970s.   

I guess the good fight never ends huh?

I display this book prominently.....because this lady and her evil agenda lost....and it's a testament and trophy to that end.

Of course you've seen or at least heard of this incident with the pie.    Don't feel sorry for her when she starts to sob.  She was vile toward us.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Eye Candy

Just a little "eye candy" to brighten your monday mopes!   Model: Hannes, photographed by Sandro & Maykson.   You can find more of their work at Http://

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OUR Artist Of The Week: Tobi Wong

Born Donald Tobias Wong in 1974, Tobi Wong was a Canadian Designer and Artist.  He was known for "appropriating" work by others but coined the term "paraconceptual" to describe his work.   His education included two years at the University of Toronto, and then upon a move to New York City at Cooper Union School of Art where he earned a certificate in art.   While at Cooper, he gained a reputation for his personal style and clear message in his work.
*"Typical of his early work are installations with a large number of the same industrial product which he would stack or assemble to create architectural shapes.  Other presentations are more conceptual and question the meaning of how we consume, or what we consume today-"

In 2007, Tobi Wong described himself to The H Line: "I'm a man of extremes.  And what's the opposite of indulgence?  Denial.  I'm not going for denial.  I'm not that spiritual, so indulgence it is"

An openly gay man, Wong met his partner Timothy Dubitsky, a fellow artist in NYC.

Wong committed suicide in his NYC apartment on May 30th, 2010 at the age of 35.  With a long history of sleep disorders, it was his partner's belief that Wong had hanged himself while sleepwalking.

**Design journalist Aric Chen said of his friend and collaborator: “Tobi’s genius was his ability to capture a million different ideas in one simple gesture. The world will be a lot less interesting without him.”

*: Wikipedia
**: Tmagazine

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ladies, You Did Good!

Lighted London taxies, and two big hits from yester year. The Spice Girls looked smashing and BRAVE! I mean, hey...YOU try climbing to the top of a vehicle in stilletos, dance, sing, smile AND hold on while it drives around! I thought the whole set was fantastic! I do wish they'd get back together and do a (good) album!

Good grief they ALL look fantastic!
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