Friday, January 29, 2010

Gotta Love Th Gah

My bank is like every other bank out there, and is a typical corporate workplace.   The decor is what you would expect:  cold, slick, efficient.   The people are what you would also expect:  Polite, groomed and very business-like.
Normally I make my deposits and withdrawls at the drive up window, but yesterday I decided to actually go inside.  My teller, a young twenty-something brunette with a pleasant smile was assisting me and I could hear music from the computer on her counter, just below the muzak blaring over the main speakers. 

It was different from the 'Kenny G Hits From the 80's'.  It was ......GAGA!   

Jennifer (my Teller) was obviously streaming youtube as she kept glancing at the screen watching 'Th Lady' do her stuff while she helped me.    I immediately liked her.    Not because we share a love for the 'Ga' but because this young girl in this corporate world, was asserting her individualism by bucking the trend and enjoying a little  me-time while she worked.    I loved it!

"Gotta love the Ga Ga, huh"  I said.

She was momentarily startled.   Perhaps at being caught doing something she shoudn't be doing, or perhaps because a man almost twice her age pegged the contraband music and was all 'hip with his use of  "The Ga Ga". (Deal with it, that's how I roll)

She smiled, "I LOVE Lady Ga Ga". 

"Yup" I said, "She's great".

Who would've thought a bank teller could make my cloudy afternoon so bright?   

Ya gotta love th' Gah.


Charlie said...

i love her!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if she caught on you're gay?

Wonder Man said...


Brooke Santor said...

She was most likely nervous you were going to call attention to it too loud and she would get in trouble. I like your take on it best however

Kyle said...

People surprise you. It one of the grand things about life. Glad you made each others day.

KenPaul66 said...

Now, this is going to make me sound like an old kill-joy, but weren't you a little worried that she was jamming to the 'ga and glancing at YouTube while she was dealing with your bank account, Jeff ?

Geoff said...

Ken you're not a kill-joy at all! Because I did think about that as I was leaving the bank lol. I'm sure it's fine.

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