Monday, January 18, 2010

I Too, Have A Dream

My dream isn't that unlike Martin Luther King Jr's, and I would think it's a shared dream among every GLBT person in the U.S., and abroad.

In a word:  Equality.

I took some pictures in the fall of the Civil Right's Monument in Denver City Park with the exception of this first one that shows the memorial in it's full view. (click for larger view)

*There are standing tablets which are engraved timelines in civil rights history in America and quotes from King’s speeches surrounding the monument. Each tablet creates a small alcove for smaller statues representing phases in American black history. Benches are placed in front of the tablets. In the stone walkways, on the north is a bronze Liberty Bell; on the south is a bronze outline of a slave ship containing figures showing how the slaves where placed below deck.

The memorial costs exceeded 1 million dollars and fund raising took over 3 years.

The 28-foot tall Memorial was designed and sculpted by the Internationally renowned sculptor, and Denver resident, Mr. Ed Dwight. [*above excerpted from City of Denver Parks Department website]


kris gilman said...

Great photos Geoff. I havent been there but will make a note to visit next time I am in Dnvr.

markwagnal said...

Every great change begins with a dream. Ours will come.

vineshkumar said...

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Wonder Man said...

this was great to read

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