Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Think Santa Is Following Me

About this same time last year I was feeling a little blue, and while I was waiting in line at a local drive thru.......... I saw Santa! I can't tell you how that simple event raised my spirits.

Yesterday I was going to the grocery store and I saw him again! Of course he wasn't wearing the suit,because (duh)...it's waaaay to early, but it was the same car and the same beard and this time he was chatting on a cell phone.

I think Santa is following me. Good thing I've been nothing but 'nice' this year!


A Lewis said...

Are you telling me that Santa is in Idaho ahead of Oregon? Say it isn't so!

RAD said...

Santa is a stalker! LOL I have been good but naughty too..I do wonder if he will still come on by to see me this year? hmmmm

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