Friday, December 10, 2010

Up To 'Here'

From time to time I reach a saturation point when it comes to TV.
The bad news, horrifying news, the sometimes crushing disappointments and sickening politics, just get to be too much for me.   I didn't used to be this affected by the news, but I've noticed during the last couple years this is the case.  

DADT, ENDA, Tax cuts for the rich, Lawmakers and Representatives who lie, Presidents who fail miserably on their campaign promises, murders, rapes......I've had it.

So today I'm "TV free"...... for today.   I'm not insane after all, I could never just forego the news.   But just for today, I'm taking a break from CNN, MSNBC and the occasional Faux News moment of insanity.....for my sanity.


kris gilman said...

I know just what you mean. Its good to take a break.

Wonder Man said...

it will get better

A Lewis said...

Oh believe me, I know all about reaching that point. I have discovered that TV-free and Internet-free days are essential to maintain balance in my life.

CShawn said...

I fully support your idea and think that less TV and more living can be exciting!!! Sometimes we need a break from the media!

Geoff said...

Kris: It is isn't it!
WonderMan: Love your optimism!
Lewis: Amen....or rather 'gaymen'
CShawn: You said it better in two lines than I did in my post!lol

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