Friday, March 25, 2011

Apparently I Have Been Doing It All Wrong

I just had a great shower.   Not just because I needed one (which I did), and not because I did anything naughty (damnit).  It was just one of those awesomely enjoyable showers. Plenty of hot water.....the feeling of getting clean....relaxing....invigorating.  "A Shower To Remember" as it were.

I've never been a tub kinda guy.  Since I was a kid showers have been king. 

I remember Rosie O'Donnell on The View, talking about showers being a great help for her depression, and apparently she showered around five times a day.  (that's a lot of water and time).  I don't think showering solved all her problems, but maybe they helped.  I'm sure she smelled great.

Since it's friday, here are a few fun shower pics.   Yes they're vintage.  No I'm not on a vintage kick (okay maybe a litte).  But as I am looking at these pictures, even though I just had a great shower.....I get the feeling I may be doing it all wrong. 

For more vintage pics of men showering, visit:[off]=0&


Ben said...

Just add another person to the mix Geoff and you will be like the guys in the shower in no time flat!

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