Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm The Kinda Guy.....

I'm the kinda guy that performs at his best when there's a deadline involved.  An end goal, a reward (or penalty) at a firm finish line.

For me, there has to be something 'to' the journey.  A method to the madness otherwise, otherwise I flail.

If I have an open-ended amount of time, I don't do well....I procrastinate.....I get distracted by shiny things.

I know this about myself and while I hate it, I've come to accept it,  It's just who I am.

This doesn't mean I don't enjoy free time, because I do.   But too much free time?  Too much expanse without a final destination?  To me, that is well.....'yawn'. 

What about you?   Do you enjoy deadlines?  Goals etc?  



Kev said...

I WISH I had some free time with no deadlines but I guess even that would get old eventually lol

Teddy4bears29 said...

I am the same way. Free time sounds good but without deadlines it gets boring.

SteveA said...

At work sometimes it get's me in a frame of mind - but generally I don't like it!

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