Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No, Please. Do Tell.

I voted for the guy, I've supported him because I know he has a full plate of issues on his table......issues that affect the entire country.

But he promised.

I'm a sorta-kinda patient person.   I realize things take time, priorities shift, things come up.

But he promised.

I know better than to believe a politician.  After all, they have to be all things to all people, work the room, make the deals....make friends.....make

But he promised.

I thought this President, would be different....because he promised.

DADT is wrong.   The President and his last minute compromises are wrong.  

Give me a reason to believe in your promises Mr. President......because you promised....and so far I see nothing but excuses.


warrior scout said...

well said Geoff... think i'll post this on fb today..

Wonder Man said...

I believe he has not back down from his promises. However, I believe our community was not prepared to deal with politics.

This is the first time we have been featured in many political pieces. And because of that, our actions have shown we were not ready for prime time. I don't think we understand who the process of lobbying and networking in a political climate.

But I think this has been a learning experience for some. Politics has never been a clean sport, but I think Obama has been wise in his moves.

We have to remember that the Civil Rights battle took 20 plus years to win. We should not expect our battle to be won in 17 months.

Geoff, he will deliver, I know it.

kris gilman said...

"This year we repeal DADT because it is the right thing to do"---President Obama during the state of the union speech.

A compromise isn't a repeal.

lelocolon said...

I am with you in that. I do battle with the Idea that he was supposed to be different. Some how it has been the same. However I will never go back to the Bush and Cheneys regime. Hell no. by the way your slide show slams.

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