Saturday, May 8, 2010


I LOVE kissing.

For me, the kiss isn’t just a warm-up for the big event, it’s an essential part of making love.

Kissing is one of the most intimate expressions of desire, tenderness, connecting, and sharing two men can experience. It’s perfect for the beginning, middle and end of a relationship.

Have you ever been on a date with a guy, where there’s that electricity in the air? The night has been flawless. He’s funny, sexy, sweet, totally into you and everything is clicking. Then at the crucial time, he drops that teeny tiny bit of information that….”I’m not a kisser. Hope that’s not a problem”.

Crash and burn.

Okay, that’s not really the norm, but those guys are out there.--I’ve crossed paths with one or two of them over the years and you probably have too.

Kissing was always non negotiable for me, and I’m not talking about a peck on the cheek or one of those insane ‘dry kisses‘ either. When I’m in the mood for a kiss, it‘s a main event sport. I want a kiss so intensely powerful, so full of emotion it knocks you off your feet.

I want a tongues dueling, teeth clicking, stubble scraping kiss, so powerful you share the other’s breath as you melt away.

A kiss where everything, and every one, just disappears

THAT’S the kind of kiss I’m talking about.


WannabeVirginia W. said...

Amen! It is all in the Kiss - its the prelude. It is that moment after you kiss that time actually stands still. I have only a few of those.

Cubby said...

Oh that's HOT!

kris gilman said...

Like this!

SteveA said...

I know a guy who is not a kisser - I never got that! But kissing seals the intimacy and it's the quickest form of affection.

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

I once spent a week teaching the guy I was dating how to kiss me. This guy was one of those people that as soon as his lips touched yours, he immediately started trying to French kiss your liver.

RAD said...

kisses right back at you!! xxxxx

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