Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Day I Met Martha Stewart

I was 25 and she was just really hitting it big.  I was a young gay guy about to come out of the closet, she was just doing the deal w/Kmart and structuring MSL Omnimedia. 

I was all out in love w/this woman, her life and advice were what I imagined I wanted my life to be and I ate up everything she did. 

I had just taken a job in radio full time, and when I found out Martha was going to be in Salt Lake City as the headliner at a design expo, I practically squealed with glee when I got my ticket. 

I wasn't a "NMF"....(that's newbie martha fan), I was "BWYFTED" kind of fan (been with you from the early days kind of fan).   I owned "Entertaining" and I recorded her show (on PBS in those days) on VHS tapes which I labeled and cataloged.   So I knew my Martha.
I was so excited for the trip, and amazingly scored a treasure trove of Martha Stewart coffee table type books at Hastings the week I got my ticket, (which were 75% off)!  So I packed them along with a disposable camera and set off on my quest to pay homage to my domestic goddess.

Salt Lake City is of course the heart of Mormonhood, and is ripe territory for Martha Stewart wannabes.  I stuck out like a sore thumb.   In a stadium filled with mormon women, I was one of about 4 or 5 guys.   I know because I counted.   Laughably I thought I was still securely in the closet, and told people I was there for my nonexistant 'wife'. 

The expo was full of other presenters showcasing their talents onstage, but everyone was really there to see Martha.    I knew she would be doing a book signing, so after her initial presentation, I left the boring supporting cast and headed out to find the line.
I was about 3 hours early for the signing, but I found it, and I was thrilled to be the 4th person in line!    I knew I was going to meet Martha!  And I wasn't disappointed.

(to be continued)


Michael Rivers said...

What a great story! I hope the rest is as fun! Looking forward to more.

Larry Ohio said...

Great beginning. Looking forward to the rest.

Blake said...

I have always wanted to meet Martha. How lucky are you? LUV her!

Anonymous said...

fukin lame dude

Geoff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kev said...

I agree with you geoff, anonymous commenters are usually "fuk tards".

kris gilman said...

What's with 'anon'? Great story!

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