Sunday, November 1, 2009

Queen Latifah Sunday

It's a Queen Latifah Sunday for me today.

"You can't be a 'Queen' Geoff, you're a boy!"

"Ahma gay boy baby...THAT's why I can be a queen today."

After an early movie, handing out candy to sweet kids, some with no shoes on (Call CPS!) and eating way to much sludge that I'll have to work off on monday, I think I've earned today.

It's a lazytakecareobusiness type o'sunday for me, and it's gonna last ALL DAY

An extra hour of life, Queen Latifah's new track (which is growing on me), a delicious breakfast, podcast, emails and baking goodies for a carebox.  Oh yeah, and the man I love....can't forget THAT!

Let your inner QL out baby!   She may be crowded in that little glass closet with Anderson Cooper and Jodi Foster, but she is big, brassy and fabulous!

I hope you're enjoying your sunday as much as I am!


cum.lover said...

Way to go, Geoff baby! Be 4 habben yoselfa good ol Sunday. If I were dere, I'd suckyo dicque!

Brooke Santor said...

Big fan of The Queen myself. Good choice

Marcie Allen Stein said...


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