Sunday, November 22, 2009

Legend In My Living Room

I was an interesting kid back in the day.

I had a huge huge HUGE fantasy life, and that creative cacophony simply could not stay containted within the confines of my skull most of the time.  

Consequently in grade school, I would corral my neighborhood friends and put on shows. I would draw, play barbies, repeat every song from the Donny & Marie show on the back patio at full volume (until my dad screamed for me to keep it down).

It makes me laugh now, to picture what he must've thought and felt about this son of his, this strange creature so unlike him whose spirit he couldn't  squash for very long.

Growing up, I would LIVE for time alone in the house where I could play the stereo in the family room at full blast and perform the entire soundtrack from the movie "Grease"......  complete with choreography.    Later, it was George Michael's solo work, and after that....I'm not sure....but I'm positive it was something fabulous.

I would spend my alone time, usually in my bathroom, living out imaginary interviews.  Johnny Carson, 60 Minutes, and of course....Barbara Walters all had me over for a longer than normal 'sit-down' because I was so famous and so interesting.   In fact, as I remember it, once....Barbara even made me cry.  

I know.  

As the Annie Lenox song goes, I truly was a legend in my living room. 

I miss that person.


cum.lover said...

"a legend in my living room"...I love it! (& had never heard it!)

Wonder Man said...

OMG, I used to write stories, play out full seasons of GI Joe in my room and create my own comic book.

It's amazing to learn about our similarities.

And that's a cute pic of you

markwagnal said...

How cute were you! I agree with wonderman that it is nifty how we share so many commonalities as kids.

KenPaul66 said...

I think many of us were like that when we were tiny queerlings. We ARE a creative lot, I'm very proud to say. As a child, I remember sitting in the floor playing with my generic G.I. Joe, Six Million Dollar Man action figure, a contraband 11.5 inch fashion doll (or two), assorted teddy bears and acting out these long, convoluted scenarios that involved all of them trying to get into each other's pants. It was sort of a toy soap opera and I was the director, I freakin' loved it. What can I say, I was exposed to As The World Turns at a very early age. I too wonder what my dad thought when he saw me doing this... I think he was too tired from working two jobs to support us to even care, now my mom was a different story. She saw my pending homo-ness as a failure on her part to raise me correctly (LONG story).

A Lewis said...

And I used to do the evening weather in our living room -- complete with hand-drawn weather charts and pointing to them with a green Lincoln Log stick.

Michael Rivers said...

I am a legend in my living room too! The "Grease" soundtrack was one of my specialties! I still dance around my apartment to any music that I have playing. It's fun not to grow up!

Stan in NH said...

I would guess that we all have similar stories to tell. As children, if those living room walls could talk! Oy! What beautiful music they'd make. :)

kris gilman said...

Look at you geoff! Great post buddy!

Kev said...

Is it just me or is Annies new stuff a tad bit depressing? Love her eurithmics stuff though.

Charlie said...

My mom and dad split when I was 7 and he flipped out when he caught me witha barbie on a visit. Didnt stop me though. It hurt then but makes me laugh today.

cum.lover said...

I wish that I could be invited to view Charlie's blog! How could that be arranged? A letter of recommendation from Geoff?

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