Wednesday, November 25, 2009


There are few things as satisfying as freshly folded laundry.

I don’t know why, but washing, drying and folding…the whole process has always been something I’ve enjoyed.

Yesterday it was socks and underwear and as I was tidying up the drawer before putting it all away…..I found them.

My special occasion underwear.

You know what I’m talking about. That pair of underwear you reserve for “special” occasions? The ones that look great on, and even better off.

Odds are, they’re little more expensive than the everyday workforce hanging out in your drawer, and when you put them on you‘re not sure if they feel better because you don‘t wear them that often, or because you can‘t wait for him to see them….however briefly.

My “special occasion” underwear are pretty cool. I bought them on a trip to Calgary a few years ago, (btw…if you’re in the States and you’re gay? Canada has some of the coolest fashion you won’t find at home, so make a mental note)…anyway, mine are baby blue with darker blue piping and white racing stripes on the side --trust me, they’re hot.

I used to have several pairs on standby. All different styles, fun, and of course, sexy. But when I found my baby, my Doug….. I stopped buying them…..and eventually stopped wearing them altogether. I don’t know why for sure, but I suppose it’s because I didn’t think I had to impress him, or win him over with their magical powers anymore.

That’s why I decided to wear them today…….for tonight…..and you know what?

The old excitement I felt before, is nothing compared to what I feel now….and what he’s going to feel tonight.


A Lewis said...

Do you have a special pair of turkey shorts for tomorrow? Careful there! And there's nothing like clean clothes and sheets.

Stan in NH said...

My special underwear are boxers with fireworks on them. Maybe I should change my schtick! :)
Have a great Thanksgiving. Hope the special underwear work magic for you. Actually, my fireworks boxers, do for me!
Gobble Gobble...

Wonder Man said...

You should show us, Geoff

Sean said...

You and Doug both deserve special underwear occasions much more frequently. Yeah you guys.

Charlie said...

Hope you guys have a great time! I want to see the special underwear to :)

kris gilman said...

Way to go Geoff! We hope your evening was stellar! ciao

Will said...

My special underwear kept changing because of a little ritual I started with tricks. If the encounter went well, which they usually did, and the guy had a sense of humor, when the sex was done I'd ask if he'd like to trade underwear. In a surprising number of cases, the answer was yes and I walked away wearing a nice trophy of the event.

I got my first pair of 2Xist briefs that way, along with a really hot German-made bikini--and my first thong that was also my last when I discovered what torture having a thin string running up my buttcrack could be. I wore that baby to my next hook-up and traded up for something MUCH more comfortable.

Kevin said...

I used to have magic jeans. They were sure-fire sharpshooters. Now I don't know where they are.

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