Friday, October 1, 2010

Blood On Our Hands

You and I didn't violate Tyler Clementi's privacy and shatter his soul.   We didn't taunt, torment or attack the other young people who committed suicide this week either....but you and I are guilty.

I won't get overly maudlin or introspective with this post, but my premise is this.

You and I could be mentoring a young gay adult.  I could be volunteering at the GLBT community center, you could be doing the same thing.   Each of us COULD be calling our school officials, city, state and federal representatives inquiring about anti bullying policies, insisting some be put in place, making ourselves heard, being an unrelenting pain in the ass to those who effect policy.  We could be having a dialog with Aunt Betty or Cousin Dan showing them their favorite niece or cousin is a proud, out gay American deserving of equal rights and respect.

You and I COULD be doing all these things and maybe even save the life of someone who thinks tomorrow is too full of pain and despair to go on one more minute. 

We COULD be making a difference......but are we doing any of the above?  

When this story dies down and Tyler Clementi becomes a sad footnote in a forgotten chapter of last weeks news, if we do, and I ....will still have blood on our hands.


Stan in NH said...

Good point. We must continue (start?) to keep these incidents on the front page and show the haters for what they really are.
We've become so self absorbed as a society, we don't even stop to think anymore about what we do.
When the golden rule becomes obsolete, what we have left are souless hedonists, thoughtless pr!cks, and teabaggers.
Oh, the humanity!

Kevin said...

You are right.

When I heard about Tyler Clementi, I thought to myself, why is this happening? I posted the vid of Ellen addressing the issue.

This afternoon, I learned about Raymond Chase, a student at Johnson & Wales University in Providence who committed suicide.

5 suicides.

I'm placing a call to Toronto's youth help line. I may not have kids, but at least I can try to help someone else's child.

Wonder Man said...

Things have to change

Kim and Victoria said...

My co-worker and I were so surprised to hear about this. This shit still happens in college? WTF?

CShawn said...

I completely agree! Thanks for the challenge! :)

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