Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Guess That's Why They Call Them Crushes

I distinctly remember the argument with my cousin.

"I get to be Ponch!"

"No, I do!"

Riveting eh?   We were somewhere around 7 or 8 (maybe 9)  but CHiPs was the big thing on television and motorcycle cops were what all our friends were playing and we were no exception.

Ponch was so cool.  He had the hair and the teeth (almost like the Osmonds) plus it was fun pretending our bikes were motorcycles and riding side by side like they did on TV.   I of course, won the argument and my cousin Larry had to be "the blonde guy".   We didn't even know Larry Wilcox's characters name. (Officer Jon Baker FYI).  He was definitely the second bananna as far as we were concerned.

Then I saw the episode where he was wearing a blue bathrobe.   I don't remember the storyline but I remember being mesmerized at the sight of him in that terrycloth blue robe and from then on I was just fine playing Officer Baker. 

Now, I'm an adult and my prebuescent crush is accused of being part of a stock fraud scheme which sounds so blase' until you learn the end goal would have put peoples pensions and futures at risk....and all in the name of greed.  How vile.  

I guess it's a part of growing up when reality creeps in and fantasy fades.   I'll always remember Officer Jon Baker in his blue terrycloth bathrobe, but never in quite the same way........that must be why they call them 'crushes'.


Charlie said...

I can almost see you and your friend on your bikes playing policemen! Great visual, sad when people disappoint us tho.

Charlie said...

oh yeah its great to see you back blogging to!

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