Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rain And A Regular Wednesday

Is there anything better than waking up to the sound and smell of rain?
Sure it can get old after awhile, but it was particularly nice this morning.

I'm not sure what's on the tap for today, a few errands, lunch, dishes.  Boring stuff...... the stuff of living.

It's tempting to feel ho-hum about a regular everyday sort of day but I'm trying to adjust my outlook, because let's face it.....even my most boring day of the week beats the pants off what other people have to contend with in other parts of the world.   After all, I don't have to worry about grabbing what posessions I can carry and scrambling to higher ground because of flooding.   I don't (necessarily) have to duck every time a plane flies a little too low near my house, I have food in my pantry, a man who loves me, a full tank of gas, some awesome pets and family I care about.  

All in all, this is a pretty spectacular day now that I think about it. 

Even if it is raining..................for the third day in a row.


Charlie said...

It sounds cliche but my fave is when the clouds finally clear up and the sun comes out. I like your spin on it

CShawn said...

This has been the theme of my week-- to count my blessings. It's amazing to recognize the beauty of the rain, the sun, the cool air and know that what really matters is going well.

Wonder Man said...

It was raining in LA too

Michael Rivers said...

I do love the sound/smell of rain. Being inside, watching a movie on a rainy day/night.

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