Friday, September 18, 2009

Cool Concept / Whackedout Divas

God forgive me.....I'm getting hooked on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta". I'm embarassed, I need help. But aside from that, I am 100% in love with this whole "Alter Ego's" thing.    LO LO J-LO LOVE IT!!   Seriously...what an amazing idea, and the photographer, Derek Blanks?  I am in awe of his skill. 

If you're not aware of what the Alter Ego photo craze a nutshell it's one subject, modeling two distinct persona's and the photoshop/melding of the two into one portrait.    I loved the portraits of the Real Housewives so much, "I" want to do one!

Sheree Whitfield is a bank robber and victim, and while I think she is the least attractive (physically and personality wise on tv) I think she photographs absolutely beautiful.

Lisa Wu-Hartwell is a little girl and a bully, and I think this is so creative.

Nene Leakes is a housewife and a stripper in her photo....and while Anderson Cooper loves his NeNe...I have to say I kinda do too.  She's hot in this photo in both alters even though for someone so vocal about 'keepin it real', there was more than a little slimming down post production.    (Go Ne Ne!)

Kandi Buress with alter ego of a drunk driver and their victim is wonderful, and she is one of my favorites despite the fact she wrote TLC's "No Scrubs" lol.   She has a heart of gold and some amazing talent in the recording studio....and in photo concepts evidently.    I love the authentic artistic vibe of this photo.  Kandi is a true creative artist.

And my favorite.....Kim Zociak is a steford wife and a mistress at the laundry mat.  She may come across as a boob-bursting drag queen.....but I think she is absolutely exquisite in this portrait.  Without the ridiculous wigs and Tammy Faye makeup (which I actually love about her on the show), she is incredibly beautiful in my opinion.

So there ya go.....yes I need help but I am happy to wallow in this tacky show as long as these Whackedout Divas keep me entertained. 


Kelly said...

it's okay.... we are hooked on those whacko's too... I can't wait til next week...

Michael Rivers said...

I'm trying very hard not to watch any of the housewives. Because I know I'd be hooked in 5 minutes. So far, I've done a great job at staying away.

The photos are great though!

Marcie Allen Stein said...

7 of us get together and watch this piece of whak every week. These bitches are bigger than QAF for us! LOVE ME SOME SHEREE!

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit! These are HOT

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