Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Man In The Blue Underwear

We weren't supposed to be going through my parents closet, my sister and I, but we were.  We had lived at 1763 Maplewood drive for less than a year and the house had these cool closets with storage above where you huhg your clothes, and we were exploring.  We never snooped for christmas presents, so I'm not sure what the motivation was but  I do remember my older brother had shown up strung out, acting sort of crazy, and my parents had taken him to a treatment center after a stressful and confusing 'visit'. 

We found the magazine, pages askew, thrown against the back.   It wasn't just any magazine though, it was a DIRTY magazine and being the good little christian snoops that we were, we began thumbing through it to see what was what.

There was the stock fare of teats and vaginas laid bare for oggling.   I was twelve and unlike other boys  my age, I was completely repulsed by the pictures of women with their legs spread lewdly while they fingered themselves.  Gag.
It was pretty much standard porn rag material until we reached the vampire spread.    For about ten pages they had a vampire storyline going on.   A young girl in a neglige looking out a window, a vampire enthralling her etc. It was actually kind of artful.  Then there was a picture of the vampire laying in the bed with the girl on one side and another man on the other and things began to get interesting.

For three pages (yes I remember exactly) it showed the vampire having his way with both the man and the woman and I was mesmerized.  The man was wearing light blue underwear in the first few pics (until the vamp removed them) and I can still remember the feeling in my chest, my stomach and my dick as I scanned those pages into my mind.   I returned to that magazine many times before it disappeared.  

Years later I found out my brother had left it behind, but I'll never forget the first rush of lust I ever felt....brought about by the man in the blue underwear.


Michael Rivers said...

Isn't it amazing how something so simple can impact us forever. Those first times experiencing lust are so powerful.

By the way, I was a curious christian lad myself!

christmas carol said...

whaet a woenderful storey! XX 00 --cc

Scotty Farrell said...

Wish I could remember my first taste of porn but its all good. Like this post alot bud.

A Lewis said...

my god, it's no wonder I'm gay. Ick, eeww.....barf.

Charlie said...

I am a boxer briefs guy myself, but I can totally see how that kind of thing makes an impression on a young gay. Great post Geoff

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