Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Okay We Get It....You're Weird

But at the same time......I'm totally diggin it.  

Okay, look.............I know I have questionable taste in music, and even though I'm gay I'm still outside Gaga's targeted demographic age-wise.....but I like her alot.   Forgive me Kevin if you read this, but isn't Lady Gaga doing the exact same thing Madonna did early on in her career?  She's grabbing every bit of attention she can get while putting out catchy hits left and right.  

Yes yes yes her costumes are often just as weird as her antics are freakish but her style is more akin to the cone bra of her highness than to the goose dress worn by Bjork.

This is why I love her.....she can sing and she dresses like a freak in the name of art.  Now that's cool.

And even though her alleged penis or enlongated clitoris is still a thriving subject on the net (yes I've seen the vid) it only endears me to her as a 'sistuh' because I still buy her songs on iTunes just like any giddy 16 year old and I'm okay with that.   

Yeah, the Gaga is weird.....I get it.  I also kinda like it.


Kevin said...

Interesting that you would mention me...

Yes, the Gaga is bizarre.

Yes, the Gaga is pulling some modern day Madonna-type antics (let the record show: Madonna NEVER bled onstage).

She's weird. She tries to do something different Every. Single. Time.

I disagree with those that call her the "new Madonna." She is the first "Lady Gaga." I suspect she will have a similar trajectory as Lady M, but I doubt her star will shine quite as brightly.

I've made my criticisms official, for I have posted them on my blog. I even gave her her own "tag."

Perhaps her Fame will surpass Andy's standard "Fifteen," but I maintain that she must master the art of re-invention before any comparison to the Queen can be made.

Unlike Britney and apparently Janet (proven by the VMA's) she will and CAN sing live.

The rest remains to be seen, but again, let the record show....I am perfectly willing to recant my previous testimony should The Gaga prove me wrong.

Again, should she PROVE ME WRONG, the Gaga phenom will be short-lived.

Long live the Queen!

Kevin said...


am i going to do a "weekly song pick" this time or what?


Marcie Allen Stein said...

Oh please! Madonna is just a liiiiiittttle old to compete with LG but i still love them both!

christmas carol said...

Miss thang ur so wroeng honee.... Miss Madonna is NOT so old e in fact she is baeutifuel! xx oo --cc

Brooke Santor said...

Evidently some people love her or she wouldn't be where she is today. She's on my nano.

ConfessionsFromATrailerPark said...

Just started thinking about blogging again and I found yours by accident. Let me just say that I really truly like it. We are probably from two different worlds but when it comes down to brass taks have many things in common. I am excited to read more and get to know the man behind the blog. God bless ya.

Anonymous said...

kewl blog. ilike your vids.

Kelly said...

: ) I don't get Lady Gaga, and that's okay!, but I saw this just now and thought of you.

It's a safe link to MFR and an mp3 of the Lady Gaga performance at the VMA's on Sunday.

Take care,

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