Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Because

The male form. 
Idealized, conceptualized by the individual, yet all are strung together by a common thread of male essence.   Smell, touch, stubble, muscle, masculinity.
Is there anything more beautiful, more raw, sexy and lustful than a man?
It's the lips pressed together so tightly kind of kiss where you share breath, saliva and your teeth click as your tongues caress each other in an attempt to savor the man in your arms.
The male form
in whatever form it takes for you,
Is Art 


Michael Rivers said...

I agree. The male body is truly art. I loved what you wrote. Very erotic!

markwagnal said...

God that's fucking hot

Larry Ohio said...

Is there anything more beautiful than the male body?

Geoff said...

Hey thanks Michael! Glad you liked it Mark, and Larry I am in total agreement w/your question....the male body is truly beautiful in just about ALL it's incarnations! (Thanks for commenting guys!)

Kev said...

Fantastic man. Loved this.

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