Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Clean Out Your Computer Day

Cleaning out your computer may be a chore, but it sure speeds things up.   Deleting junk, moving files, uninstalling all the apps you thought were cool but never used all make a huge difference.

One thing that's often overlooked though is your monitor.   Don't forget to clean the inside of your screen.   If you don't know how, it's easy. 

Watch this:



Larry Ohio said...

Gross! Damn you for tricking me into watching that!

Word verification = deuchi LOL

kris gilman said...

Bwahhhahahahahahah LOVE IT!

Geoff said...

So Larry....I'm guessing your screen was dirty? lol

Kris, glad you liked it! It made me laugh last night. Found it on lifehacker.com

Blake said...

Very funny. I like puhgs too so cute

Kyle said...

Geoff, I guess mine was very dirty!

Geoff said...

Hey Blake, I think they are too! I have two of them and call them 'Da Monsters'.

Kyle...you dirty dirty bird lol.

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