Friday, February 19, 2010

Brutally Cool

Remember when you were a kid and the thrill of a vending machine?  

Using your allowance or a coin begged from your parents for toys gum, treats or trinkets?

For me it was every trip to the grocery store.  I had already staked out the best machine whichever store we went to, and knew that a calm pre-meditated approach for the money was waaaaay more effective than a frantic begging session. After all, if the first tactic didn't work, incessant begging could always be used as a backup plan.

As an adult, I don't get excited about vending machines's the price of growing up I guess.  However.....I read about Art-O-Mat in a magazine and now I'm in danger of getting hooked again.   

Clark Whittington had the bright idea of re purposing cigarrette machines to dispense pocket-sized art.  For 5 dollars you can own an original piece of art by a legitimate artist!   Traditional, folk, portrait, sculpture, flip's all at your fingertips.   I think this is absolutely cool, and am actually contacting them to get a machine in my hometown in Idaho and for Denver.  

How brutally cool is it to be an adult sometimes?  
Here's a few examples of what you might find popping out of a machine!


maurice said...

Thank you for the tip! It looks like there is one in my city so I will let you know how it goes

Wonder Man said...

I always love the vending machines back in the day

Kev said...

What a great idea

Larry Ohio said...

Good stuff Geoff.

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