Friday, February 5, 2010

Earwax; Natures Evil, Sick, Twisted Sense Of Humor

Amazing how such a little, seemingly inconsequential thing like earwax can make such a huge impact on a person's sense of well-being.

After using some earplugs to go to sleep last night, I think I must've pushed some wax deeper down the canal and now it's like half my head is stuck in water.  Really thick.....sound deafening water, totally on the right side, partially on the left.

The day started out with such promise too!   I've been working on that resolution list I began in feb and despite the weather, I managed 5.36 miles this morning, AND stuck to my diet!  Now this pesky petroleum in my ears is bringing me back down to earth.

In retrospect, I should have cleaned my ears before shoving those damn ear plugs in, but I didn't and now I'm being taunted by nature's evil sense of humor, only I'm not laughing!  (okay maybe a little, but it's not a pleasant laugh)

So if we happen to run into each other tonight, and you say hello and I just stare off in the distance, remember.....I can't hear you!


maurice said...

hate it when that happens

Sean said...

Easiest way to clean your ears out is with a 50/50 solution of warm water and hydrogen peroxide. I just use it straight now. A water pic is great for cleaning your ears.

A Lewis said...

Well, I was just going to mention the peroxide thing but I see that Sean has beat me to it. Although I have never done the 50/50 mix and have always used it straight out of the bottle. Let is rest in there for 10 minutes.

Geoff said...

Thanks Sean, Lewis! I finally got some relief around 10pm ....SO nice to be able to hear again. Never had that happen before!

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