Friday, February 12, 2010

Lead Legs

6 miles yesterday, leg presses, extensions modified squats, standing  and seated calf raises.


Barely able to walk.................and on a friday.   I just want to eat and go back to bed!

My legs feel like aching lead today......I'm not complaining....just sharing.   Really.   


Teddy4bears29 said...

careful, you do not want to overtrain. Ibuprofen helps my aches when that happens

Charlie said...

Wow Geoff are those ur legs? Dayamn!

Geoff said...

Hey Teddy, you're absolutely right. Charlie, no those aren't my legs, I just grabbed that off the net.

KenPaul66 said...

LOL..Charlie took the comment right out of my mouth... I was going to say, you're been holding out on us, Geoff ! Be careful not to over do it, okay. You don't want those gross, veiny bodybuilder legs do you ?

Kim and Victoria said...

Go ahead and complain. Sounds like you deserve it.

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