Friday, February 5, 2010

Smart Thrifty

Just about everyone I know is a little snooty when it comes to shopping at the dollar store. I know I know…..they’re all stocked with boatloads of crap, but be forewarned…..don’t knock the dollar store, when you’re around me!

I became an uber shopper when I was laid off, and I’m proud to say I’m continuing that frugality now that things are better. It took abject poverty for me to truly understand the value of a dollar.

First thing to remember is just because it’s a dollar doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. You have to factor in value and durability but if you’re smart about shopping, (meaning you know what things cost elsewhere) you can find some great deals and usually some entertainment via the clientele.

I’ve found by shopping at the dollar store I save at least 50% on liquid soap, napkins, frames, suit garment bags, and a whole lot more.

My favorite deals? Greeting Cards (2 for a dollar!), Hardcover books, Ibuprofen, Liquid Soap and Hand Sanitizer. My favorite most recent find? Gel shock covers, and an arm sport band for my iPod! I had been fighting a should or shouldn’t I war with myself over buying the Nike sport band for my iPod for the longest time, but couldn’t justify paying the high retail price……I not only stumbled across the arm band but the covers as well which came 3 to a pack!
Shopping at the dollar store can be a very cool, very smart, thrifty tool if you know how to use it.


Michael Rivers said...

I agree. There are some great finds. Candles are one of my favorites. And basic supplies like you mentioned.

kris gilman said...

The dollar store is great,I go once a month usually. For us it is toothpaste hand sanitizer and craft stuff

kris gilman said...

sorry, forgot to say the Dionne Warwick and Toni Tennile performance to the right was a hoot!

KenPaul66 said...

I luv me some dollar store too ! True, some of the items are total crap and not worth a dollar but there's many good deals to be found if you have a good idea in your head what stuff goes for elsewhere. Like Kris, I go there to get crafts supplies for my Tuesday morning preschool hour at the store.

Brooke Santor said...

I literally have never been in a $ store before. I may have to rethink that.

Donnie said...

The dollar store is the ONLY place I buy my greeting cards - it's such a bargain!

Scotty Farrell said...

I used to buy popcorn at the dollar store but found it 3-5 cents cheaper at my grocery store. It doesnt sound like much but put those cents you save in a bank and forget about it for a year. It really adds up! I love the dollar store!

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