Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bitch Hit The Road & a Emergency Vet Trip

Today is going to be a busy, busy day and I already have the stress headache and bloodshot eyes to prove it.    Earlier this month I wrote a post "It's Just a Part of Life" where I talked about my mom's healthcare attendant.    I whined about how if I just outright fired her, the ensuing temper tantrum from momalah would be a nightmare.  So instead of nipping it in the bud...I hit the 'passive agressive' switch and became a cold hearted SOB.  Yesterday it sunk in and she quit...but I'm still in the dog house lol.  
The day started normally, but Dawn was extra quiet when she arrived.   I saw her doing dishes......notice I said 'doing', not 'washing'.  She was holding them under the faucet and running a sponge over them.  Not exactly sanitary in any sense of the word.   So I mentioned something to momalah because if I gently and sweetly said it to Dawn there would be hysterics.....and somehow the bitch overheard.    Five minutes later she was in the back of the house doing....I dunno what and all the sudden she appears almost powerwalking through the house...out the door....into her car...and drives off.   
Her boss calls an hour and a half later and say's she quit, so momalah tells the boss how much we all love dawn and how she won't have anyone else blah blah blah and would she have Dawn call her?  
Dawn calls and proceeds to tell mom how horribile I am, my sister is, and how she L-O-V-E-D her....but she just couldn't be miserable.  So my mom tells her how she agrees with her, that she'll fix the problem because we really are horrible and please please please take the day to think about it and come back.  
After that call, I excused myself ...called Dawn in private and told her she was not welcome to come back.  Then I blocked the bitches number and sought cover.   To say it was a rough night is being kind, screaming phone calls demanding I apologize went on literally for HOURS.  My mother definitely has a screw loose.
Add to the above, my beloved pug is sick...either a virus or something neurological and I have to take him to the Vet today and my stress level is through the roof.  Thank God my sister (AKA She who shall not be named) stayed the night at our mom's house to calm her down.   
How's your tuesday?


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