Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chunky Blue Jeans Bitch

So the one freakin day I forget to take my dog zapper (a harmless, supposedly sonic repelling device) I'm on my walk, burnin those carbs and jammin w/my headphones on...and I get attacked by a dog.   Yup, that's right.   On the last leg of the walk I'm crusin by a field where a farmer is baling hay and his chunky wife in her tight chunky blue jeans is out in their field with about 4 or 5 dogs...ALL unleashed.  They rushed me at the fence, but couldn't get to me so I gave her a dirty look and kept walking thinking that was that.  Wrong.   Less than a tenth of a mile away as I reached the non country portion of the walk, I feel a muzzle on my right arm.  I spin around to see one of the dogs had escaped and decided I was tasty.  I punched him before he latched on to me, spun around, hit a fence and then hit the ground where I kicked him away.   
When I got to my feet, I was pissed.  
Chunky blue jeans woman NOW decides to start calling her dog back...and I decided to start calling her a few very choice, angry, ugly words in a very very loud voice.   I'm alright, but after reporting the incident to the police I'm left scratched up, pulled muscles and kind of cranky.   
How's YOUR week??


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KDNA said...

ACK! Some people shouldn't own animals and just stick to houseplants. Dumb Bitch!

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