Friday, September 7, 2012

VHS Goldmine!

So I'm all alone at usual lately....feeling utterly alone and of course sorry for myself.   Then 'it' happens.  I run across a box of VHS tapes!  Tapes I had recorded in the early 90s including Martha Stewarts original show on PBS,  a few home movies, bachelor parties, movies like Flatline and amazingly......"Armistad Maupin's Tales From the City!!"   Beyond Exciting!     So I dug out the old VCR that hasn't been used in 15 years or more and everything works!
I recorded TFTC when it aired on PBS (around 93 I think), and omg...I loved this series!  
Remember the early 90s were way more homophobic than today and the airing of this was a BIG deal.  It was also pre internet so seeing 'gay' ANYTHING on TV was RARE!  
OMG.....Mrs Madrigal looks so beautifully young (growing old is such a bitch isn't it?)....I'm watching now!  
Maryanne SO sweet.  MONA!!! God I wanted her for a friend.  Billy Campbell, PARKER POSEY, Thomas Gibson, !
I have to say.....I am in heaven!


Adventures In Gay Dating said...

Before PBS aired Tales Of The City in the early 90's, I'd always just thought of PBS has that weird little station I'd catch reruns of Are You Being Served on in the eighties. Me and my partner (at that time) were so enraptured by TOTC that we rented the audio book on (many,many) cassettes to listen at the beach that summer.

Geoff said...

I remember those cassettes lol! It WAS awesome watching that first run of TOTC on TV wasn't it Ken!

(BTW I just read your ghost story on your blog....scary!)

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