Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Don't Buy It

I do a lot of reading...perhaps too much for it all to sink in sometimes and recently I've read a few articles BY gay people asserting there is no such thing as the "Gay Community".  That the very notion is an urban myth akin to the 'Gay Disposable Income'.

They even profess we don't NEED a gay community anymore.   
I don't buy it.  
It's easy to become jaded, and God knows as a group we gay men are easily susceptible to that condition, but there are so many beacons of light out 'there' in the rainbow world and we need to remind ourselves of that.  
So "Where is this gay community" you ask?   You'll find it with you, me, our friends and family that get together for dinner, or deliver meals and medicine to homebound people in need.   The gay community is evident when we're fundraising for charity, and coming together to demonstrate or fight for, our rights. 
If you say there is no gay community, have you ever made the effort to visit a Gay Community Center?  Have you ever darkened their doorway to volunteer or take part in the social programs they offer?    If there isn't a LGBT Center in your area, have you thought about starting one? 
For those queers who look down their noses and say "I am much more than  'gaaaay'.  I don't 'deeefine' myself by my sexuality plus the notion of community is outdated"...I just shake my head.  
I don't buy it.
Of course being gay is only a "part" of who you are...just like your skin or your brain is a "part" of you who are...and BTW... where exactly would you be without one those parts?  That new argument by young LGBT'Q's is just naieve and stupid and an excuse for whatever they're too lazy to commit to.
We need a sense of community however you may define it.  We need it as a part, and as a distinction of the community at large we live in. 
If you don't want to be defined by your sexuality stop chasing tail every fucking minute of the day, step outside yourself and do something worthwhile!   And while I'm on this roll, us old gay men? You know, in our 30s and on up?  We need to start leading by example and mentoring these young queerlings because their view of the world is very distorted. 
The facts are:
We are unique. We are beautiful. We are talented, we have MUCH to contribute to society and each other.  We ARE a community with value and dignity, and we are STRONGER together, as a community,  than as individuals.  
Believe it and start acting on it.  


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