Friday, September 21, 2012

She's Baaaaack!

The most infamous intern in the U.S. is back on the radar after 20 years, and who could blame the buxom, raven haired, thong sharing cigar molester?   Monica Lewinsky is shopping a book deal about her torrid affair with Bill Clinton and could receive a large paycheck in the proces the tune of about 12 million bucks.  Not a bad payday eh?
I watched her interview all those years ago with Barbara Walters, and I even bought her first book.  And if I'm being honest, I also felt sorry for her.    Of course now that she's an adult she's a little steamed about Bill Clinton getting off scott free after the scandal while she was forced to wear a scarlett letter A, hence the tell all.  Do I feel sorry for her now?  Well........maybe a smidge.   
The young chubby girl with the beautiful smile from...Oregon was it?  Got a pass because she was young and stupid.   Today...she's a wife and mother and should know better....but whatev.  Maybe Monica does deserve a payday after all the humiliation she had to put up with from Kenneth Starr.....I just don't want this to impact Hillary's bid for President in 2016. 


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