Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advice To My Younger Self

If you could go back in time and have a 10 minute conversation with your younger self, knowing what you know now.....what would you say?

What wisdom, encouragement, advice, or even warnings would you choose to impart in the hopes of bettering, or simply changing your future?

I think about this from time to time, and it's an interesting scenario.   

For me, I would tell my younger self  these top 5 nuggets of wisdom:

1)  To have more self esteem!  I always thought I was fat.....and my god I look back at old pictures now and realize how beautiful I was and how much time I wasted feeling horrible about my body.

2)   The church doesn't know shit and to come out earlier!  Although I knew I was gay back in the first grade, and had my first sexual experience at 19.....I didn't begin coming out until I was 25, and it was so traumatic becuase I had been force fed the BS that gays are destined to hell.   So much time wasted over religious destruction.

3)   Learn how to save money!   Doing it earlier would have saved so much trial and error and I would be retired by now!

3)   Build your body up and keep it up!  It will save you (me) so much time, pain and anxiety if you make healthy choices early on.

4)   Make laughter a high priority in life!   Savor every funny and not so tragic experience.  The best memories are built on laughter.

5)  Moisturize and slather your sunblock!  The idea to blog about this topic, came as I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror after shaving today.

(BTW, this weeks header has a few photos of me from early christmases interspersed with net pics. The main one on the far right, is my favorite. I begged and worked all the manipulation tactics I had to get that picture (it cost 1.00 in 1976) and then of course I was too petrified to say anything to santa.)


Stan in NH said...

Good advice for all. I think I would tell myself to come out earlier, too. And maybe to be a little more outgoing a a child. I didn't really get comfortable in my own skin until I was older. I could have used more self esteem as a kid, too.

Sean said...

Can I read this to my younger self if and when I meet him?

Wonder Man said...

I would give me a hug

Michael Rivers said...

Very good post. This really makes me think about what I'd tell myself. Almost everything you did. #2 is so important.

kris gilman said...

I would add to talk to my grandparents, and older relatives and write down their stories and history. Great post Geoff!

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