Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Christmas Spirit Found Me

I was on my way to pick up some dog food tonight, and was feeling a little blue so I decided to get something to drink.

While I was in the drive thru I looked over and saw a man in a red car facing my direction. I thought, "That guy could be a really good santa" and when he scratched his nose and I saw the red sleeve and fur trim, I grabbed my camera.

I have to be on guard around the holidays as I can get a little depressed but when he waved at me, I suddenly felt like a little kid again.

I guess the christmas spirit found me.


Kevin said...

It's funny how these little things can make us feel so innocent and childlike.

Why are we even awake?

Michael Rivers said...

Very cute!! I turn into a kid so easily this time of year.

kris gilman said...

I love that. Merry Christmas!

Charlie said...

Geoff that is really sweet. Thanks

Steven said...

Santa drives a Monte Carlo.

Geoff said...

Yes Steven....yes he does.

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