Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nonsense About Terrence

Terrence McWilliams.

I don’t know why that name came to me just now. It’s kind of an odd thing to happen don’t you think? I wonder if there is a Terrence McWilliams somewhere in the world, and if so…......did he just think “Geoff Martin” out of the blue?

Now that would be strange.

I suppose Terrence could be a girl, or maybe not…..no he’s definitely a man….a man born in Sussex….another name (a locale really) that I don’t know a thing about, so it goes quite well with my Terrence.

Lol……’My Terrence’….he’s not really ‘mine’. Hmm there’s another odd thing to think about. Can one own a made up person? Is there a made up law against it? Probably not. If there IS a made up law against owning a made up person (who might be real), I’ll just repeal it because I just elected myself President of made up land. Not much of an election really because the only person in my made up land happens to be good ol’ Terrence. Maybe I’ll make up a friend for him later.

Makes me kind of sad to think of all the billions of people in the world, all the people I could never possibly meet, and I think Terrence is among them.

It’s starting to rain, I should go inside. I hope Terrence is wearing a raincoat. I just made up one for him.

I hear it rains a lot in Sussex.

BTW...I did a google search on 'Terrence Mcwilliams"....that's him in the pic, he's from Ireland. Go figure.


kris gilman said...

I love random thoughts like this

eric said...

sweet man

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