Sunday, December 6, 2009

Monday Must See TV

It takes alot for me to get excited over TV these days.   It's not like when I was a kid and planned my life around the Six Million Dollar Man and Wonder Woman.   But December 7th, I get to be a kid again.

Monday night....TLC....Cake Boss!

If you haven't  seen Cake Boss, It's a fun 'reality' show about an Italian family bakery in Jersey.   It's head baker is a short and loud (and cute) guy named 'Buddy', and he creates all these amazing cakes every week.   Personally, I like Cake Boss MUCH better than Ace of Cakes (another cake show, duh) because Buddy actually makes opposed to fondant covered rice crispy stuff.

Anyhoo.....the reason Monday's episode is "must see"?   

MISS RICHFIELD 1981 is commissioning a cake! 

If you don't know who Miss Richfield 1981 is, check out her website:   She is hysterical!  I can't wait to see this tricked out gay comedic icon interact with my favorite bunch of Guidos (no disrespect intended, I use that with love)!
I love to support/enjoy/savor whenever a proud, out, gay celebrity is featured on mainstream monday night, you know exactly where I'll be!


Wonder Man said...

should be great

Michael Rivers said...

I love this show too! Last night, I saw Miss Richfield's Christmas show here in Minneapolis. At the end she mentioned that she was going to be on Cake Boss tonight. I can't wait!

Charlie said...

I am with you, buddy is strangely cute I'm gonna watch!

christmas carol said...

Goeff! i haev never hearde of miss ritchfield but i am esceited to watch her show tonieght!!!
xxoo-- cc

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