Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanks Alot NY

By a vote of 24-38, New York's State Senate has voted against same-sex marriage legislation. 
After demands for a vote on the bill, we finally received one. And it wasn't the answer we were looking for.
Among the "no" votes, inexplicably: political dancer Hiram Monserrate.

Says Sen. Tom Duane, the bill's lead sponsor: "I wasn't expected to be betrayed, and so I have some justified anger. But it's just going to propel me to – I don't want to say redouble my efforts, because my efforts have been pretty strong – but I'm not going to let up. I'm angry. I'm disappointed. I am let down. I'm betrayed. But I am not going away."  source:

Although DC did the right thing, analysts warn that even the perception of the tide turning against gay marriage rights success,  spells doom for the other states when they tackle the issue.


Wonder Man said...

it's just sad, but we have to keep moving

A Lewis said...

Disgusting. Horrible. Shameful. These folks are gonna burn in hell.

Michael Rivers said...

Very sad. I wasn't expecting this to be the turn out.

kris gilman said...

Hard not to feel the disappointment.

eric said...

We will win, eventually.

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