Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Balloon Boy Parents....Ugh

It's really hard to listen to the defense speak to how "wonderful" the Heene's are, how 'exemplary parents' they are.  I know they didn't murder anybody, but if you haven't seen the gross 'music' video they made with their little boys, (homophobic slur intact) called 'not pussified', and the other vids showing their 'exemplary family life', you might have a different idea of how 'wonderful' these two so called parents are.

I watched the balloon boy hoax on tv and was one of the duped millions.   The fact of the matter is, these are two people who use their children for their own satisfaction, gain and greed.   They sicken me, and are a symptom of fame seeking at all cost nutjobs in this media world we live in.   
Richard received 90 days with a type of work release or public service after the holidays with some type of probation and his wife?  She received 20 days of the same type of jail sentence and has to contribute to the restitution.

Although the court evidently has banned them from benefiting from any future commercial endeavors, when all is said and done, they still walk away with the fame (notoriety?) they originally sought, and will probably gain even more.


Michael Rivers said...

I still can't believe the stupidity of this whole thing!! Unreal.

Kev said...

That video of their offspring is revolting

Anonymous said...

Im glad about all of this

Wonder Man said...

that's what they get

raulito said...

They use their children like props...can you say Sarah Palin?
Great blog

RAD said...

UGH!! I agree what stupid ass parents!!

On another note just passing through with my Christmas rounds to my fave guys and blogs! Best Wishes to ya!! XX

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