Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Words have power. Fag. Slut. Degenerate. Doomed to Hell. Mistake. Deviant. Worthless.


A lot of attention has been given to Cynthia Nixon’s recent speech where she loudly proclaimed her “homosexuality was a choice” .

Some gays gave her a pass saying it was an intellectual truth. Others hauled out the spigot to roast her alive.

All over one powerful word: Choice.

Why all the hubub?

Because the gay rights movement has been fighting the fight for acceptance, the right to pursue our happiness and for our civil rights. Words have meanings. To say we, or anyone else chooses our sexuality is stupidity at it’s highest level. I would say a majority of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people know this.

But the sad truth is, that all it takes is one person with the platform of celebrity….a newbie no less, to get behind a microphone and open their uninformed big mouth to put each of us in danger.

For the gay kid who is trying to convince his homophobic family that he is not broken…for the gay couples just trying to raise their family…for the hot messes (said with affection) who simply want to walk down the street safely……Cynthia Nixon’s idiocy places us all in danger. Her celebrity….her words reach far and wide. That reach includes the people who demonize us….the people who want to make our very existence illegal and it gives them an argument…and an excuse. That’s another word that holds a lot of power: Excuse.

We don’t need anymore excuses….we can’t afford them.


Kevin said...

Her word might be word for her is "wanker."

Geoff said...

I like your word!

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