Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time Travel Thursday

It's rare that a vintage photo of two men or women would have an inscription, and unfortunately that leaves the relationship between the two open to interpretation.   But we've been interpreting subtle signals our whole lives haven't we?   Observing details and drawing our own (usually) well thought out conclusions?  

Take this photo for instance.  To the untrained eye it could be two brothers or perhaps two very good friends.   However a lgbt would be more opt to pick up on the signals....a closer than platonic embrace,  an arm on the thigh cupping the knee which is held in place by a hand on the arm. Heads titled, one man's legs crossed toward his "seat-mate" and the other's openly receptive. 

I would doubt these were two brothers or even cousins, but whatever their relationship status, there is a closeness, an intimacy between the two which lends a silent air of comfort to today's viewer reminding us we have always been here, and whatever the circumstances...have always found a way to love and be loved.

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Kevin said...

well look who's back!!!

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