Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ru? Chantay You Stay!

I am, without a doubt...an unapologetic, unabashed, rabid, excited fan of Rupaul's Drag Race.   My cable package doesn't carry LOGO, so every tuesday for the last three years I've been parked in front of my computer screen watching the fiercest diva of them all teach some amazing gurrrls how to 'wurk et'!  

The prizes have gotten better, the digs the girls work in have become nicer....but I have to say the jury is still out for me on this season.    My two faves so far are Sharon Needles and Jiggly something.   I'll learn the other girls names as the herd gets thinned out.  

Of course Rupaul's Drag Race joins the legion of competition shows who've taken the Project Runway format and repackaged it.   RDR though has something special in it's head Diva.  It also has catchprhases galore, wit, camp and hefty girls doing full bomb splits.  

I remember watching Ru's biography on A&E (yes for real gurrrl) and what a life our Drag Superstar has had.   She must be the hardest working man in Drag Showbiz and I love her for it.

If you've never seen Rupaul's Drag Race, I definitely recommend it!   You can watch it on LOGO and on logotv.com.

Ru?  Chantay, you stay!


Mind Of Mine said...

I loved Season 1 of RDR! But it doesn't air in the UK anymore and finding torrents has proved difficult.

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