Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saturated With Stupidity

The field has narrowed, but even with the losses of Bachmann, Cain and Perry, the GOP contenders still appear--to me-- much like circus clowns exiting a very small car.   The only difference is, one of these ereudite nutjobs might just snag his dream job.   (Well, except for Ron Paul of course.)

Frothy Mix, Gingrick, Mittens and Ron Paul (there's no nickname for him...cause after all, crazy is just kuh-ray-zee!  It's a scary lineup.

Out of my 300 or so friends on FB, I'm amazed at how many educated professionals are rabid in their hatred for Obama.   The "Anyone BUT Obama" battle cry is heard loud and often.   Which makes me scratch my head and wonder where their vitriol is coming from. 

I could lump them into stereotypical categories, like the Mormons who will vote for Mittens because the church says they should (hey it happened with Prop 8...remember that?).  Or the Catholics who are practically humping Frothy Mixes leg because of his extreme hatred of sex, gays, and Obama.  Or the wealthy manipulators like the Koch Bros who fund 'repentant adulterors' like Gingrick who just seems to hate or ignore every poor person or minority and wants to put your 9 year old to work as a janitor. 
But could it be that simple??  Or is it pure economics...or race?   I don't know.

I listen to their ranting against President Obama and how they'll vote for ANYONE else and it just seems to me.....if they're going to vote for ANYONE else, that means they're gonna pick someone from the current lineup and those candidates are all just fucking nuts.  So it's not for the betterment (is that a word?) of the country....it's because they hate the current President...the one guy who's actually trying to do his job.  

Newt is doing really well now which just astounds me.  A FB friend of mine, Mike who has a page titled "Democrats for Victory in 2012" wrote:

"Once again the family values crowd has proven that they actually have no family values. They vote for the clown that married his high school teacher only to dump her for a younger model. He cheats on his second wife with his congressional aid while impeaching the president for the same thing. He talks trash about black people having no role models and being destined for welfare. He screwed the taxpayer when he gave himself and the republicans in the house intrest free loans via overdrafting the congressional checking accounts. What do you have to do before an evangelical will not vote for you?.. Is the line being born black? It seems as long as you're a chubby little white feller you can do whatever you want and they'll send you money and love . They have convicted Barack for operating a country while black. What a pathetic bunch of hillbilly pricks." 

I consider that pure fucking poetry.

While channel surfing tonight, I landed on the GOP debate and literally said out loud..... verbatim "Not another fucking debate".   I mean really.....what is the point?   Listening to this lineup lie, distort, pander and shout "No more Obama!".....I can draw no other conclusion than we are just saturated with stupidity.


A Lewis said...

Newt. Can you believe it. We may have a NEWT for president. Oy.

Geoff said...

I KNOW Lewis! Unreal isn't it!

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