Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Note

I ran across this photo as I was cleaning out some files on my computer today.  At the last radio station I worked at in Idaho, this note was taped on the backside of my office door.

Yes, it was real.
That station had some great people, but the owner had a habit of repeatedly hiring a couple of guys who had.....shall we say..... a few 'problems' (like court ordered mandatory urine tests.)

The gig at this particular radio station was a rebound job I landed after being fired from my previous position at another I'd held for 15 years.    I had never been fired before and it was quite a life altering situation, so even though this new job was at a smaller operation and was in a little podunk town about 45 minutes away....I was optimistic...until I shut the door to my office and found 'the note'.

Often, just when you think things are going smooth, life takes you in a different direction. It's almost always unexepected, and usually a bit scary.  When I closed my door on that first day and found that note taped to the back, I remember standing there dumbfounded....staring at it and wondering what in the hell I was doing there.    I kept that job for a year and then moved on.....I'm sure there were some lessons I had to learn during my tenure at that dilapidated group of stations...but I'm still figuring out what they were.


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