Friday, January 27, 2012

Pop Culture Friday!

It’s a Pop Consumerist’s dream this week, well it is for me at least, and I am going to enjoy it! I have my popcorn, rootbeer, chocolate and of course…my Forever Lazy (which is a knockoff of The Snuggie but with feet!) So be forewarned…..hands off the remote cause it’s all mine!

Friday January 27th, it’s Dateline “What Would You Do?” and the situation is gay marriage. The preview clip I saw had One man proposing to his partner and nearby fellow diners both supporting and freaking out. It looks to be GREAT!

Saturday or Sunday (I haven’t decided yet), it’s off to the movies to see Liam Nielson in “The Grey”. A bunch o’sweaty mens surviving in the arctic after a plane crash? Sign me up. Liam may be 65, but dayum….the man is hot.

Wednesday Feb 1st it’s Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 4!!!!! Halleloooo! I can’t wait to see Ru in all her fabulous glory and for the new crop of contestants to “Lip Synch…….fuh yah lifffffe”! I wrote Rupaul a fan letter a long time ago, he wrote back and called me “pumpkin”. True story.

Friday February 3rd it’s “Who Do You Think You Are?”!!! I’ve done the whole family history research thing and it was obsessively fun for me. I love watching most of the stars go through the same journey! In the season premiere, Martin Sheen tracks down his family history through Ireland and Spain. (Remember when he played the President of the US in the West Wing and verbally bitch-slapped that Dr Laura character over gay marriage??) --Love Martin!


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