Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hodge Podge

I admit it's been a rough couple days, but things are getting better.....I hope. 

Pep's funeral will be in a week.  Whenever anyone has died in my family someone always causes a scene, makes drama, creates pain.  This time was no exception.   Out of the cast of characters  I'm related to, I'm not surprised at who did what....just more embarassed and sad that they did it at all....which is an improvement because yesterday I was also angry.


But you take the progress where you can get it I guess, and not being fully drawn in to their craziness is something to be proud of.   I dunno.....for all the times I've heard "I'm just thinking about Pep"  I haven't seen much of that in action.  Just a lot of selfish psychotic sad people I have the unfortunate fate of sharing some common DNA with.

I just miss my brother.

Tonight was mostly  spent watching tv, and wow....The Tonight Show With Jay Leno was the gayest I've ever seen.    Johnny Weir was on the couch, feet tucked under him like a shy school girl and you know what?   I fuckin love that kid.    He was sweet, articulate and open and I really enjoyed his interview.  When Jay asked him about Stars On Ice refusing to hire him because he isn't "family friendly" (IE he's a flaming queer)....Johnny responded with a lot of tact and maturity.   The next guest was none other than KD Lang!  Can you believe it?   She didn't get interviewed, but instead just sang her latest country-ish ballad which is pretty much her trademark style for the last decade or two.  I haven't really listened to her work since Constant Craving, but her voice still sounds flawless.

Also, Michael Buble was on Letterman, but I only caught a few seconds of him.   Michael Buble is my secret crush...my eye and ear candy.  I know his shtick is Big Band/Sinatra stuff, but I wish he'd do more pop-like material such as "Just Haven't Met You Yet"....god I love that song.  

I couldn't think of a picture to accompany this post so I just typed in hodge podge and that quilt popped up.    I like it.

So that's the delio.....Thank you again for all the nice sentiments over the last few days.   You'll never really know how important they were to me when my psycho siblings flared up. 

I miss my brother.


Lawrence said...

Every family I know usually has somebody that pulls the drama. With age, they get easier to spot. Hang in there

WannabeVirginia W. said...

I hear you on the fam drama. People just have different ways of grieving.

My fam is also full of drama but it is what makes the "hodge podge" colourful. hehe.

Take care.

Charlie said...

I am glad to hear you are healing geoff. Sending hugs your way.

Anonymous said...

Take care! Life is drama itself.

Blake said...

I lost my mom a few years ago when I was sixteen and the pain never goes away but it changes and makes room for better memories. sending you love and joy.

Wonder Man said...

sending good vibes your way

Kyle said...

What happened at your brothers funeral was the entire reason that I didn't go to my mom's funeral. I could live without the drama.

It's perfectly ok to miss him, you will for a long time, but it gets easier to deal with it as time passes. As I said before, you are in my meditations. Take care of yourself Geoff.

Lorcz Black said...

I just came across your blog from Lorelei's blog, I've added you to mine. You're a very interesting read, hope you don't mind.

I'm very sorry for your loss, it's never easy and people tell you the grief passes with time but it doesn't- you just learn to live with it. Which I find (personally) a little more comforting, knowing I won't simply forget the effect they had on me.

I hope it eases with time, man ;)


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