Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pop Overload

I'm definitely on pop overload this much good stuff to digest!

Ricky Martin officially comes out.   Always loved the guy, now even moreso.  I'll be buying his upcoming book for sure.

Speaking of books, Rupaul also has a new one...and damnit I'm excited to get it.   Say what you want about Ru, but he is one smart drag queen.   While watching last seasons Drag Race, I was really impressed at what he had to say about self love, esteem, and working your ass off.  She rocks.

D and I watched the Blind Side this week.  I remember laughing when it first came out that I would never watch it.  (I have an aversion to actors playing 'southern') but I relented and loved it.  Sandra Rocks.    Her situation with Jesse James is sad.....and although he's scum....I have to admit.....I'd tap that.

Something else I hate to admit:  I'm looking forward to the new Tom Cruise movie "Knight & Day".   I despise the ego known as Tom Cruise.  I can't stomach his crazylookatmescientology ways....but this looks good.  Totally stoked for this flick.

And speaking of 'stoked'....that doesn't even begin to describe how excited I am about Christin Aguilera's new album which should be dropping in june.   The preview song "Not Myself Tonight" so incredibly cool.....I'm a giddy little school girl.

So there ya have it.  My "Pop Overload".......I haven't OD'd yet, but hey, it's only wednesday so who knows what else the week will bring.


Cubby said...

I'm very sad for Sandra too. To suffer such humiliation at the moment of her triumph is beyond all my imagination.

But Jesse James is just dripping with sex appeal. Certainly what happened was foreseeable to all of us, but she was no doubt blinded by love.

She needs to divorce him as fast as possible and never go back to their house again. She needs to eliminate all evidence he ever existed.

Teddy4bears29 said...

Im on the fence about Xtinas new song. I do want to hear the rest of her disc though.

Charlie said...

Sometimes it does seem like an overload. There is good stuff in your list all the way around

RAD said...

I know...TOTAL pop overload this week....who are we seems always these days!! So much to keep up on big time!

Kyle said...

Geoff, step away from the media whores around you!

Don't get caught up in their created drama, unless you want to be. Take a breather; go for a walk, visit with friends, read a book, make love, meditate, or something else to take your mind off of them! Believe me, they will all be there when you get back. :)

littleBIGchris said...

Geoff - Chris here, thanks for your kind encouragement on Queerty recently. I'm gonna stop torturing myself by reading the comments when they post about me, but I really appreciate your good wishes! The community can be so vapid, but there are also a few gems out there too. :)

Thanks the "Blind Side" tip. I have serious issues "supporting" that movie by watching it, I kind of agree with Vanessa Williams' views on it -- yet ANOTHER white person saving a lost black soul, so cliched. Also, growing in TX I have seen so many white ppl who think that they're not racist simply b/c their son's best friend is black or b/c they have a coworker who's black that doesn't mind if they say black jokes, etc. Just gray territory that always seems to show RACISM when you shine a light directly on it.

Meh, I have too many opinions. I may check it out if you liked it tho. Let me know about Ru's book!

Cubby said...

Geoff, where are you?

Geoff said...

Hey Cubby! I just didn't have the oomph to blog last month, but things are going great! Thanks for asking! (BTW I miss your blog!)

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