Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Don't Care.....

I may be the only one at my small, spur of the moment Oscar party who thinks SJP looks awesome in her awesome Chanel dress...but I don't care.

I think she looks fantastic.   No ruffles, no weird trains or jewell colors....she looks like a Roman goddess.  A Roman goddess who needs to eat a sandwhich maybe.....but still.  

Just lovely.  

And Matthew Broderick, who I also have great affection for?  3 words:  "Just for men".....color that damn hair buddy!  It's just "five easy minutes" so you have time.

There.  My gayness quota has been met for the evening.

PS:   Colin Firth was robbed tonight.  (and I think Jeff Bridges was drunk AND creepy)


Lawrence said...

LOL @ "SJP looks awesome in her awesome Chanel dress"

WannabeVirginia W. said...

Yes, I agree, Colin Firth should have won. I was totally pissed. Perhaps even the guy from Hurt Locker. But Jeff Bridges? really?

Charlie said...

I reall thought she looked a little sickly in it but it was a cool enuf dress. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were hystericaly funny!

Geoff said...

@ Lawrence: "Awesome"
@ Wannabe: We are so on the same page!
@ Charlie: GASP! SJP was lovely! (or awesome) and I still have such a huge crush on Alec! He and Steve were great!

steven corry said...

I was pretty drunk, but I think she looked fab! Don't be putting any of that fake, over the counter, color dye on my Mathew Broderick.

Kevin said...

I don't think Jeff was drunk. High maybe, but not drunk.

SJP...let's just agree to disagree ;)

Wonder Man said...

she was cute

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