Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Don't Pretend

I don't pretend to understand everything about what it means to be Transgendered.   

I've known two people in my life who were "Trans".   The first was my junior high school friend Roberta.   We were friends throughout school (though her parents seemed to wish it was more than just friendship) and she (at the time) shared her story with me when we ran into each other after a couple years at a gay bar.   Long story short:  Roberta always knew there was something different about her, and on the outside it was her genitalia.  One night an emergency trip to the doctor revealed the excruciating pain in her side was actually her testes descending....things fell into place for my friend.  She was in her late twenties and she, the awkward red-headed girl, became Eric...a very handsome ginger guy. 

The second Transgendered person I came to know was Mickey.  Mickey, it turned out, was the uncle of one of my highschool classmates.   She gave up her family, friends and faith to be who she was inside.  A big, tall, extremely attractive man...became the big, tall and statuesque woman who unfortunately did not pass...... but that didn't matter to Mickey.  Today she lives the life she had no choice but to live, and she does so with courage and dignity.

My friend Eric disappeared to live his life, leaving Roberta to become a distant memory.   My friend Mickey (who I actually married to her wife) is still in my hometown but we are no longer friends.

So I was excited to watch the two hour CNN documentary on Steven/Susan Stanton.  

What a journey, what a life, what courage and strength.   I can't pretend to understand all the complexities and struggles that Transgendered people have to face, work through and overcome....but I can appreciate the courage and strength it takes for them to do so.   I may not feel one hundred percent comfortable, even though I am a gay man, with the process of shifting one's gender, but I can applaud and hold close those who risk everything because really, there is no other choice for them.

Susan Stanton, is someone I would consider it a privilege to know, though I probably never will but I hope the people in her new community understand how lucky they are, and I hope Susan lives the long and happy life she deserves.


WannabeVirginia W. said...

I missed that show and will try to catch it on line.

I perplexed myself and have so many questions. I have an acquaintance in grad school who is a trans. She started out as a she, and is now a he, no op. I admire his courage.

I knew him when he was a she. What confuses me is that she also does drag as a she which is what he started out with. See my confusion?

Geoff said...

Yes I do! I didn't realize that some remain attracted to the former opposite sex! (and I thought I was all savy lol). It's a great program, and they're showing it again sunday.

Charlie said...

I saw this and thought it was really interesting

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