Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How Kitchy! How Cool!

I love thrift stores.  

They're like garage sales without all the hassle.  There is something about the experience of shopping, or rather browsing, the aisles of a thrift store that I enjoy.  For me it's a cross between a treasure hunt and peeping in someone's medicine cabinet.

Nine times out of ten I don't buy anything.   I have plenty of stuff to donate rather than accumulate, but every once in awhile I find kitchy stuff that I can't resist.  
About a week ago I hit that 'one out of ten times'!  

I was dragged (against my will) to a Deserett Industries store.  (Deserett is a Mormon church thrift store in case you've never heard of them.)   On this trip I found two items I couldn't resist.    The first was a book w/a handsome guy on the cover who reminded me of a blond Ken doll from the 1970s.   I immediately recogized it as Tom Netherton.   If his name doesn't ring a bell, don't worry.   I grew up with older parents so I have a savant-type knowledge of this kind of stuff.   Tom Netherton is the tall perfect haired bariton singer from the Lawrence Welk show.   My mom is a rabid fan to this day, so I picked this up for her.   It's in great condition, a kind of religiousy life story read, and it came with 2 bonus features!   The first surprise was it's an autographed copy and the second , I found two glamour shots of Mr Netherton which are also signed.  How Kitchy!  How cool!

The second bonus...and this little item was solely for yours truly, is the "Handy Stitch!"!  I remember seeing these on TV when I was in highschool.  It's a little hand held sewing maching, perfect for stitching hems and various craft projects!   While I don't really have hems or craft projects I couldn't pass this up.   It's brand new and it works! So if I ever do have a need.....I'm golden.

This was definitely the one out of ten times experience that keeps me returning to thrift stores. 

How kitchy!  How Cool!


Michael Rivers said...

I love doing this too. Even if I don't buy (which is usual) I love looking over the treasures!

Charlie said...

that commercial cracked me up! Do you keep yours in the glove box of your station wagon? Cool

kris gilman said...

Ha Ha this is cute

qwerty said...

Tom Netherton comes so close to being gorgeous. The hair is perfect, the complexion is so clear and smooth, the coloring is just fantastic, the deep soothing voice is just what I like to hear, and he is so tall and sleek. But there is just something about that face that turns me off.

Anonymous said...

What a nice site you have. I, too, have (or should I say had) a Handheld Sewing Machine...Had me in stiches, literally. I sewed myself to it. Was repairing a seam while wearing the garment. Ouch!

Unknown said...

I think Tom Netherton is GORGEOUS I would LOVE to crawl in the sack with him. I have often wondered if he is gay and wishing he would come out if he was but can't ever see that happening.

Thomas B said...

According to a number of his Welk castmates, he is gay, but never came out because he made a good living singing at churches and religious events.

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