Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can't a Girl Catch a Break??

Kristin Chenoweth is awesome in every regard.  That's not just my opinion, it's an empirical law of the universe.   She's an amazing singer, actress and she loves the gays, she's all around fabulous.  But then you already knew that, right?  

So starting my tuesday morning with the news that La Chen is pulling out of her stint on "The Good Wife" was not the best way to begin my day.   I fell in love with Kristin when she was on Broadway in Wicked.  Then there was her christmas album, her guesting on GLEE, her new show GCB --which was unfairly canceld, and now the whole "The Good Wife" debacle.

If you didn't know,  on july 12th, Kristin was filming on TGW and a gust of wind toppled some lighting.  She was knocked to the ground, and hit her head on the concrete.  Scary right?  And given the fact she's only 4'11" and weighs like 22 pounds(jk)...she's a fragile thing, so that could have been truly devastating and we're lucky to have her around.

Anyhow, it was expected she'd have to heal...but today the sad news broke that she had to pull out from her commitment to the show.    I was really looking forward to seeing her on the Good Wife, but I guess I understand.   I just want to see more of her!  

Can't a girl catch a break?  


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