Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is It Wrong I'm So Excited?

Is it wrong that, as a mature gay male I am quivering with excitement over the closing ceremonies of the Olympics?  I mean c'mon!  The SPICE GIRLS!   Yes I know they were a manufactured group, and yes I know the singing was always 'iffy'.....but I don't care!  I loved them, and still do!  Will they get along? How do they look? Is Posh going to smile?  Is Emma still adorable? Is Geri still rockin her rockin body??  Is Sporty still throwin down that Cokney accent?  I can't wait!

Of course there will be others, George Michael, The Who, Annie Lennox blah blah blah ---and I also truly love George and Annie....but I'm most excited about the girls!


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